Property Maintenance

Basic Maintenance

Keeping basic home systems in perfect running order is very important to us. We will maintain these systems to ensure a worry and issue-free environment inside your home.

Cleaning services

Our cleaning team will clean and create a sparkling environment at your home when needed. Nothing is spared from the most detailed cleaning possible.
Window cleaning. A woman sprays a cleaner on glass. Housework concept.

Smart Home Technology Installation

We can handle all of the small tasks that need to be done to ensure that your home is ready to be a rental or just simply make sure the home is smart and monitorable from afar. Retrofitting a new home that you just bought can be a lift if you are not living in the home. We handle small tasks such as installing smart locks, security systems/cameras etc.

We can install all of the following to ensure that your home is online and monitored 24/7:

exterior property maintenance

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Weekly Mowing
Snow Removal
Fall/spring Cleanups

Learn more about how our home automation system installation in South Bend can help to improve your second home here in South Bend.